Welcome to my medical practice!

Thank you for your interest in my work and my diagnostic and therapeutic offers.

Medically speaking, I am primarily experienced in academic, general, and internal medicine, but I also appreciate alternative healing methods. I also offer phytotherapy (plant-based therapy), nutrition counseling, chiropractic, and relaxation therapy.

Many illnesses have psychosomatic causes and consequences. Many are not aware of the correlation between problems in life and symptoms. This awareness can be raised by a trustful relationship between doctor and patient. Therefore I offer essential psychosomatic support and counseling.

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1. Endocrinology (especially diabetology)

Several years of experience in the county hospital Küsching among others, in diagnostics and treatment of diabetes mellitus type 1 and 2. Successful therapy of complication “diabetic feet” and treatment of wound healing disruptions. Also, instruction of patients within a “diabetes school.”

2. Cardiology

5-year experience in emergency medical aid as a paramedic (county of Eichstätt). In addition, 4-year experience as an honorary medical assistant during my medical studies.

Nine months of full-time employment in the intensive care ward under the direction of Dr. Hatz (artificial respiration, in-, and extubation). Initiation and supervision of a coronary sports group in the country hospital Küsching.

3. Gastroenterology

Over four years of medical practice with self-reliant procedures of gastro- and colonoscopies (hemostasis, polypectomy). Successful conservative therapy of Crohn’s disease and colitis ulcerosa (under small-meshed colonoscopies).

4. Rheumatology

Several years of working as a consultant for patients with rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia in, among others, the hospitals of Neuwittelsbach and Munich. Also, experience as a second opinion doctor in complex situations (for example, for revocations of court orders).

Placement of orders for medicine and physical supervision of therapy, indication of a cold chamber, and chiropractic treatment of patients with chronic pains.

Outpatient care of rheumatological patients under intravenous Remicade-therapy (TNF б-Blocker).

5. Additional skills

  • Exceptional skills in the research of Helicobacter pylori (dissertation: “The positive influence of the HP on the survival rate of patients with gastric carcinoma after the gastrectomy”).
  • Extensive internist and general medical skills.
  • Surgical and orthopaedic skills.
  • Legal knowledge as an internal specialist for introducing guardianship, determining the need for nursing care, and having a profound understanding of organ transplant laws.
  • Emergency surgical intervention (wound treatment with primary wound closure).
  • Reduction of fractures and luxations.
  • Organization of emergency care seminars with over 120 attendees.
  • Supervised medical interns and young doctors during work on the wards.